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THE health of the troops at Quetta during October and November has

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One patient in the New Hospital for Women had a tempera

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rance. In spite of our frequent warnings and explanations

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Venesection is sometimes strongly indicated as when haemor

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Adthobs desiring reprints of their articles published In the Beitish

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debated questions open until next May was presented and

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ganisation such as the stirring up of emotions some

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A Surgeon Captain having over two years to serve in Canada wishes to

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during the years of its life the excretion of uric acid has to

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with the yearly statistics and averages of diphtheria cases

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gave an entertainment to the patients and nurses of the

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engorged. Directly it experiences a difficulty in emptying

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reform of such apparatus which led to the research undertaken

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approached it from this route to avoid injury to the eye. The

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before antitoxin was used. He had not hitherto tried the

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afterwards was calU d to Switzt rland to see an old patient.

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Executive Committee reversed in several cases the decision

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on the left si.le. The palate was closed throughout its whole extent on

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can there be any doubt of its practical independence of

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Perhaps he will name some of his combinations and the

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With regard to the incidents of the Manchester meeting

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question till the November session 1895 when Dr. Richards

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four years. The poison administered was in the form of a

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This is an elaborate description accompanied by plans and

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had an extraordinarily good effect a measly eruption

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pressure which the intubation tubes were especially con

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cinifer was an extra safeguard against any possibility in this

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and let the cause continue to act. It is needless to point

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ignorance of the condition under consideration and the time

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in a cjse of ruptured cerebral aneurysm was associated with

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accepting their advice upon this point and we trust that

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well through the cricoid constriction before withdrawing the

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endine irfSS the average infant mortality was 153 the coi re

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extract from my jjaper will supply the deficiency to some

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since Dr. Klein offered to place in our hands a supply of

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and other members of Parliament. Dr. Wolfe stated that

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waiting room and surgery and the lying in wards the latter

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euros and medicines of one Count Mattei and in which it was suggested

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scientific grounds not to trust to bis serum being indis

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education. As usually arranged it is under cover and so

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on the human subject can leave no doubt as to this. What

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and in 1S86 when the Asnuciation held the annual meeting

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relatives and friends. May one not look upon this as the

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tion 3 diastaltic response in the form of emotional con

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clinical observation. As a very typical example of this

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