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there was only moderate emaciation and no enlargement

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general features consisting of microscopic threads named mycelium cor

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the neighborhood of the nipple. It increases slowly in size becomes ad

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Mix and divide into two injections and use at about bloodheat.

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there was a rheumatic inflammation of the jaw joint per

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bandage. A hot water bag placed over the bandage is useful.

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hernia the purse string method is employed. Two deaths

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is tender on palpation. Patients have pain anorexia and

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bid mental exaltation or expansiveness of ideas that

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ous flame shaped fresh hemorrhages. The arteries are

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tumor but was controlled with packing. The bone was

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blood producing organs. He maintains that it is probable

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tiple swelling of the glands of tuberculous origin. To be

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general index at back of book for special article on Hydrophobia.

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Rogers Bill the fact remains that it abolishes the local

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phate of strychnine hypodermatically beginning in doses

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there is a slight excess of males over females the males

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cream boiled custard oyster soup mutton chicken and beef broth and

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due to the injudicious use of drugs containing some preparation of the

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dropsy. The dose is one tablespoonful four times a day. The leaves are

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are not cases confined to a few families they are numbered by the

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acid excreted is not affected. In catarrhal icterus it may

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tion of Lord Mayo and Chief Justice Norton did. in India

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were no patches infarctions or other lesions. The gall

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If spasms continue after child is in blanket fifteen minutes give injection

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pleurisy peritonitis pericarditis and so forth. In other diseases the

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wall and no further. Hall reports 2 cases of aortic an

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contained in the beer and perhaps to the carbonic acid and

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port. There is a somewhat striking significance be

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acquainted with gout or rheumatism or show signs of unhealthy deposit

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its power of digestion nature often relieves the abused organ by the

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Symptoms. Rigidity of spine tenderness and local pain are the

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varying in occurrence from the sixth to the ninth month

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to be only nature s method of economizing the failing strength of the

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unwholesome diet especially the constant use of bad fish to long con

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of making him an orphan of his real father and heir of his

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constitutes an ointment that will speedily remove dandruff and contribute

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The Bed Steam Bath. This bath may be taken in two forms either

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administered every three or four hours. Another prescription recom

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