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it to be the duty of every doctor to use tUe serum in
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from one to three days. Present condition well nourished
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the tongue thought that each ease must be decided on its
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the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals and in the Highgate Small pox
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Following the progress of these students in relation to their
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Higinbotham the late Chief Justice of Victoria. In 1861
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massage as before. I remained for about an hour and at the
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hours. This interval can be gradually increased according
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Mr. Corbet seems to admit und if so there is stilla demand
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unaware that the main object of this association was to insure young
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is on the thermolytic mechanism. This would throw them
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An American contemporary announces that England has but
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institutions has just been written by Mr. Poland with the
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ments indicating sanitary work done ai.d ruutiue health admini. tration
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cession of ribs more marked. Antitoxin mvi injected.
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the truly hopeful plan of managing pulmonary tuberculosis
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stances owing to the liability of the sound to engage m one
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food value of meats from dififerent animals. Influence of
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infection by an antiseptic dressing constitutes a val
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from tlie presence of the ligature. The eflect upon the animal
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He did not think that every case must be operated on but
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recently noted a case under Schultze reported as a failure
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national health medical men are thus called to exert
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unfortunate results his reports would seem to indicate that
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ticularly in the incision along the convexity second
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or plate of compressed charcoal with or without the addition
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means of exit for the placenta in the event of its undergoing
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says the first mention he has been able to find of it in
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lum. Salary oo per annum with travelling expenses. Applications
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armpits. To remove pressure the patient might be kept in
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almost inevitable modification of the motor theory namely
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energy and enthusiasm of youth have passed the career in
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The candles in this case however are made in many different
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the same thing. The question arose wliether the Council
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here described and figured for sterilising the airand
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tended. Tne thumbs were bent into the palm at the same time the
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respiratory function of the larynx has to some extent been
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fact it is not these cases with extensive suppuration of the
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system of procedure for tlic certification of deaUis see n 314
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Within the last six montlis I was present at a consultation
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liberal spirit and to impress upon the Government the justice of mak
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Sixth Annual Meeting held at the Club House of the Hotel
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the District Dr. J. Morison was elected Honorary Secretary
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