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handicapped by these obstructions. Without the help of the
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contradistinction to procedure in his own army that it is
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which G are original and the other derives from a pains
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book and pamphlet and cuttings from the local papers with
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sibly be ironical as suggested. It is difficult to see what material
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We last week commented shortly upon a case in which a
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vious day and had undergone multiplication in the bodj
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not so spotless as those at the Hospice des Enfants Assistfs.
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inspection and on those who object to it the certainty of
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him in the trial of the action Tibbits i. Toye in the High
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bulging and tearing spontaneously when a small incision was
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employment of these in treatment. Within tlie limits of
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universally recognised rule of professional ethics but also a
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piece of omentum came down alter the operation became
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of that Association would so far orget the traditions of his
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admission the Pbesipent informed Dr. O Connell that the
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the cavity. The anterior edge easily defined was indicated
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the e infants often came under his care for excoriations
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to workliouse infirmaries we purpose to inquire into the
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amount of antitoxin injected and as far as possible describes
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events give any officer concerned the chance of voluntary
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cannot have the benefits of the Netley School and who
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Boiling the water is undoubtedly at present regarded by
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is of incalculable benefit to the patient for it not only re
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are substantia reasons for the anomaly a native hospital
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avail themselves of the chairman s hospitality are requested to send
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Its inefhciency. To obviate this he had been treating fu tid
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attendants f eparate oflices are attached to this department
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Mr. Carter expressed the opinion that too much had been
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eases of nephritis have not been ascribed by careless and
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Dr. Benda prosector of the Urban Hospital said that what
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h morrhages fever heart wer Snefs pain in the joints
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of great importance. But he thought that this treatment
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white matter on this side was much flattened compressed
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its solubility any of those who care to do it can bring
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of so trying an ordeal with scarcely a detail changed all its
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Mohammedans Mr. Ernest Hart the editor of the British
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At the final meeting on December 10th of the Reception
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sleep of twelve hours. The cervical enlargement had almost
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on equal terms. Forthereis at the present time no let or
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known to have been the seat of inflammation and which now
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pavilion but this number is shortly to be doubled and there
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those cases in which the symptoms occur immediately on
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the danger of viewing the febrile process too much as a
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young women we have no doubt the Home Office would see
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desire to contribute that the subscription list will not be
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myself. Very rarely they may be fatal for example a woman
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surgeon specialist 4 whisky opium etc. specialist 5
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appears greatly in excess of the needs of the case. It waa
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the subject must have been convinced that evils of both
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It not we may feel quite confident that when the want
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first Provisional Council lor the proposed hospital are still
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any explanation to offer as to how the lesions about the hip
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preceded the appearance of the tumour 2 the swelling ap
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Richard lonas to the Lady Queue Katheryne wyfe and most
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nuclei normal. In the lower part of the medulla the nucleus

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