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essentially boimd up in the dictum facilitate the work of
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the attention of our naval and military medical oflicers to
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during the whole time. It therefore seemed not wrong that
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any tumour on the principles laid down by u chow. Were
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ture. This droplet ought not to exceed in sizf the head of a
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abroad but it is argued that it has done so because of the
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in Italie whilst another fygure is pourtrahed after ye
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but will also hloilc the excretion of other uric acid proionsly
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with this there were solid cylinders of epithelium in which a
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delivered before the College of Physicians. Dr. Barlow has
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hand the lavatories on the other these latter erimririse two
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on October 31st. On November 18th the patient was on a
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tumour the size of an orange in the pyloric region which is
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on the children and at the bottom of the mischief often lies
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noticed that the numbers in the series of Dr. MacCombie s
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unnecessary. As I have shown the induction of labour at a
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lance lecturers five guineas for the course of five lectures
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Pediairitt and Dr. Paris formerly physician to Louis Philippe
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there is occasional involuntary passing of urine and fa ces.
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which they are tlius supposed officially to be invested
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been questioned. He has been said to be on a par with the
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Lecture 42. The disposal of excreta and garbage in vil
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mately took place. Dr. Headley discussed the causation of
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The Income Tax Kepaymcnt Agency write Will you allow us to cor
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considers that after six months interval the request is hardly
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cal representation is close to that of the voluntary movement
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make it impracticable for the poor may however b lessened by tlie
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position in which they find themselves. The notice convening
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who are dissatisfied witli theobromine by reason of its
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it should be resorted to and doubtless the administration of
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Resolved That the ll.j candidates whose names appear on
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and Convalescent Hospital. Cheadle. He obtained the
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Medical Officer Assam District on return from employment under the
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after meals and for three or four years previously from
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a rapid change for the worse due I have thought to involve
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and more rarely tubercle rheumatism gout or syphilis.
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things being equal would undoubtedly tend to increase the
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healed. The condition notwithstanding a little abdominal
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Atrophy following Injury. The pat lent had had gonorrhiea but
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tem adopted which held in one of the other branches also.
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until it was certain no further changes were to be anticipated
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total number of patients admitted in the year was only six.
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cem us just now. tnongh it accounts I think for th i somei
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study the arrangements made by the Government for the
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Ether having been administered a median incision was
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restricted to doubtful cases or should extend to all. The
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hand. I would be the last to wish that the members of our
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impostors and charlatans not with healing results but to
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Again Mr. Corbet brings stories dating from years before
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Council found itself in a position to authorise its solicitor to
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bitants can remove from the districts about to be inundated.
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to defend their credit at Hie next inquest that comes on.
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Tlie Committee are much impressed with tlie serious possibilities
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and with salol in 20 grain doses internally No improvement followed this
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because some who brought Irtters signed with their names
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statistics. Further recent experience of the working of
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stiffening and adhesive processes. If on the other hand in
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