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it must decrease while the other two must increase is
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are attacked by serious illness which they mostly might have
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change should be made at once in the nursing staff and the committee
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ability of cancer of the body of the uteras to operative treat
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very rightly suggests that the attention of the Local
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If the string had been left attached in O Dwyer s three cases
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tinuously held up to the present time so that he is now
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the London and Manchester Assurance Society differs in some
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an amicable arrangement prevents friction in these matters. The
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object is to stimulate combustion of non nitrogenous con
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curiosity as to the number of innocent members who have
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any theory by which the effect produced on a strictly bacil
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and more satisfactory results but these require no further
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of medical education all alone the line not with one or two
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laborious and elaborate experiments made for determining
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did not fully share all the modern views on the bac
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cases whether tlic pus comes from the antrum or one of the
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taining serum can render certain rodents quite immune to
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in any way prove the therapeutical value of piperazin as a
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till before she went to Bristol the first sound was louder if anything
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disease in question is diphtheria no further material from other cases
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The Pkbsident stated that Sir Dyce Duckworth had modi
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were in good health. They were a particularly hearty looking
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On examination all the organs were found normal. The gait was
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infection disseminated it is supposed by a tiamp who had
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jaw were much swollen. Antitoxin inxvwas injected into
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St. John Ambulance class held at Ilminster last month
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good looking. She pays them next to nothing and leaves
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on him to act precisely as he wotild expect another professional
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treatment by antitoxins have leceived great impetus during
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The publication of his compendium in 1879 did for the
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people of Apia near Mr. Stevenson s residence in Samoa.
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workshops be liable to medical condemnation but let this
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larger experience however will determine whether the pre
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the decoised s relatives to know that no possible treatment had been
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these cases because it was noted thau everything which in the
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parents and boys of such a degree that the school has passed
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never uniform portions vary in density consequently the
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But we must remember that tliere is an underlying common
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Professor Wright related a case of extrauterine gestation
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who are so constantly recommended by medical men for

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