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cessfully accomplished by penetrating into the tympanic
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already collected a sum of over 58 000 francs a2 320 for the
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phenetidin a bye product in manufacture and a poisonous
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blotting paper on which the medicinal agent was dropped.
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comfortable. The sink pipe should be disconnected and
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unsolved. In this task the Director Dr. Sims Woodhead
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primary or secondary to a thrombosis of the ophthalmic vein
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popular point of view. Of course the Council could not sny
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report called attention to the following note in the report
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them out into the world as missionaries to tell the benefit ol
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milkers foul fingers dipped in the milk pail to moisten the
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of disturbance of the proper discipline and routine of the house is
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cant case to which an extra egg or such like is prescribed must
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death certificates with the name W. H. Brecknell and
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upon to diagnose and to treat and to investigate these com
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tenance in the house. Applications to the Chairman by Novem
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element in the middle ear or of the labyrinthine disturb
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dlesex Hospital. A man fell and struck his head and was
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region of narrowing in the cricord. The danger of obstruc
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