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Glasgow to Maggie youngest daughter of the late Thomas 1.

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patients would be well advised to have any obstructive con

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good if it called the attention of examiners to the conse

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nection of these two organs and its clinical importance.

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with dividends by obliging secretaries and collects rents

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as a factor. Nervous energy is diverted from its proper

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rersd. and also to force boracic solution from mouth

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kidney structure was normal. In the lowermost portion of

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point of view it being now so much used in skin diseases.

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that this invention was anticipated by Dr. Collins who

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case. The date of the purchase is from the commencement of the

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administration of mild currents the higher currents are not

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opprations except in emergency nor did we judge that the

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form the site of a colony for some hundreds of inhabitants

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on November 6th Dr. S. Johnston President in the chair

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branch of the public service. Fees for making the necessary

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their squalid houses. Sir William Robinson very wisely

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Three deaths took place last week while there were none

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bution of this parasite in the native population. Such a

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Dn. Hale White thanked the meeting fi gt r the kind way in

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Mackenzie and acknowledged by Mr. Eastes who spoke of

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Applications to George P. Field Dean by November lath.

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Malta Harbours and Mediterranean iTfwrs. Surgeon Iajor

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and disadvantages attending the use of these filters.

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euros and medicines of one Count Mattei and in which it was suggested

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in ignorance of the laws whic h govern the solubility of uric

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Bloxam 1 Portious of Calculus removed by Lumbar In

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The sleeping accommodation was carefully gone into. The

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