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the addition of such intestinal antissptics as resorcine

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Treatment. Opium calomel bismuth astringent wine soup poul

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other evidence of feebleness of the peripheral circu

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Diagnosis. a There may be no local manifestation of the mem

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Keeping Records. be a flocculent flaky powdery or gran

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washed in strong alcohol to remove the fat from the hair.

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mental and physical health of the community. The vaunted values of

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Treatment. Opium calomel bismuth astringent wine soup poul

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if commencing directly after meals sedentary habits gluttony and the

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on the mucous surface of the prepuce about 5 mm. from the

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during the early period of pregnancy as intimated by nature in the broad

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dilatation and the swallowing sound will be present. There

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years had five children and one miscarriage no particular

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laid on ice constantly renewed cloths wrung out of ice water and rubber

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although it does occur in connection with syphilitic complaints.

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of inoculating the human system with scrofula consumption and certain

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