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The uterus was empty its walls rougli and soft. A soft fairly

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tion I found that patients who were suffering as well from

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the metropolis was thrown open to those of the provinces

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People who will give muniflcently for the relief of the needy seem likely

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with me frequently during the time the patient was under my care

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Grafting. The patient had after traumatism a cicatricial

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sketched the character of Sims as a surgeon and a philan

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Still the question of inducing labour is an anxious and

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square. The first intimation the four pauper attendants had

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an opportunity. During the last week I have been asked by

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inferior calcaneo scaphoid ligament is the one generally

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shock or distress when there is gloomy depression passing

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benefited greatly and 1 have been filled with admiration at

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more than a week s interval. She had become very weak and

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is probably open to contamination with sources of infective

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two sizes should such happen to be present in the filter.

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An inquest was held recently with regard to the death of

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glands beneath the chin and in the neck. The child appeared

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were delivered in the afterroon of the same day and the

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Mb. Jessop read an account of a patient in whom during a

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eligible by any three meml gt ers may he elected a member by

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he came in contact. He held several medical offices in the

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Mbmbkes are reminded that the Library and Writing Rooms

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failure of the Glanders Order of 1802 which accepted the

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the examination of the slide before pronouncing definitely

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Specimens of l emodex Folliculorum in situ were shown by

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least charaeteristic presented many features which would

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the atmosphere in vapour. As poultices are usually applied

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into partnership with Dr. Lef h de Le h and a few days

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present imperfect system of procedure for the certifying of deaths a

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details of the operation which I should another time carry

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soft swelling at the inner angleof the orbit evidently due to an

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few left to deny whatever their views on the physiological

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