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the words in the text which they we e unable to articulate
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Cross N.W. writes I enclose you herewitli copy of a letter forwarded
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at a time. It was extremely simple two aluminium tubes
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spirit and one that can be confidently recommended to all
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sympathise with the bold efforts of this Irish Branch to
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nouncing the gift to the Council Sir Richard Quain made a
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number of calculations the author proved that by the com
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days unless some order is made by the justice within that time
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forms of application to the General Secretary not later than
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The letter is interesting as a record of the opposition which
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recognition afterwards denied. For ten years 1840 50 he
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to enable the University to confer degrees upon women
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address on the Difierential Diagnosis of Cerebral Tumours with remarks
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F lix decided to petition the Goverumeut to establish a
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flati quo. The same conditions as regards diet and treatment were per
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Coles Dr. Charles appointed Medical Officer to the Leicester Dis
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Surgeon to the Ear and Throat Department Royal Infirmary Edinburgb
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battle field either at the point of injury or in its con
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ceived with open arms by others who are practising unpro
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the Parliamentary Bills Committee to enter upon the thorny
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midwife as to what she shou d do in cases of unnatural
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Surgery and Therapeutics. The examples of Oxford Dublin Man
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Journal on the subject of concurrent attacks of measles and scarlet
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when the cause of death is obscure are attributed to cow pox and
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should be administered rather than to fail in thoroughly dis
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PKBPLEXED writes 1 er V f attending cases of sickness occur
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districts the members practising in each district dealing

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