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Perforating Wound of the Lung caused by a piece of glass in
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the report of the Censors Board of the Royal College of
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strychnine injc ted. the battery and suspension were used
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health and is said to be still remarkably bright and active
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tion it was obvious that the man was really unnerved to the
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Carcasses of the afTected are not usually regarded as dan
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practice there can be no doubt that the benefits of really ap
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from stools kept in the house owing to the situation of the
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the action of every motor centre from those of a low grade
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pass underneath the wooden oil paper covered lloors. But
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paratus necessarily magnifies and therefore when the
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stant risk of septic absorption. Hence it has been proposed
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boiling the water and filtering it in a suitable filter before
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is now disused the medical officer Dr. Vincent having
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diseases for example small pox scarlet fever anthrax this
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tion of drinking water. Objects found by microscopic exam
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means of exit for the placenta in the event of its undergoing
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the serum treatment. A burnt child shuns the lire he
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who hold the same views regarding dispensary practice. The
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sitting up in bed. One case of low pulse recovered under the
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the adoption of the other methods and which I believe is due
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ment or the temporary aggravation in the deafness after a
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The importance of a more systematic study of the history
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sional respect may have the effect of deterring practi
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cealment of cases thus prevented but the ignorance of persons

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