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of the mucous membrane with partial ankylosis of the ary

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it will be found in the records of the Devonshire Hospital at

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many blood plaques were seen. On August 30th 1894 after

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ferent departments. It is mainly a matter in connection with

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elect only tho9. men or women who will safeguard the interest of the

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excruciating pain and. besides wasting of the muscles some degree of

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later in the year. Scarlet fever and diphtheria present

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dity. He did not wish to disprove the existence of heredity

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but with such current all the muscles could be got to contract.

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that if the cholera germ were present in the water it cer

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hospital practice especially in surgery. It was the total neg

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affected. In the lumbar and dorso lumbar regions the

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points that struck us as capable of improvement are verv

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memoratios of the 40th anniverSi.r gt. Sir William Priestley

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which I now work in private practice are as follows I should

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General Hospital under the care of Dr. Markham Skerritt

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years Salary U 0 per annum witli board furnished rooms fire

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baths in the treatment of hyperpyrexia but it is too fre

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of people living in towns where the muzzling order was not

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The integument generally was very much thickened and

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An extraordinary state of things is reported in the Times respecting the

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tissue as a means of enabling the patient to dispense with the

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already been t aid concerning the increased risk of infection

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above sea level. A healthier breezier situation one could not

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recommendations as the Committee shall think fit to make with the

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involved in obscurity. The only authorities who have deali

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hours. Clinical instruction one hour weekly thirty hours.

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as a document coming within the purview of the foregoing resolution

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dition in which the walls of the colon have lost their tonicity

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headache mental depression or high tension pulse to any

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We learned that Yarmouth W orkhouse is in a state of

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at the health resorts in Switzerland on communicating with

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The candles in this case however are made in many different

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clearness. If only parents could be brought to see in its

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vomiting. Thus vomiting relieves both nervous and vascular

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ordinary sense of the term and instanced the rarity with

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dents or operations about the eye. Briefly it may be said to

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only when you measure the Irish school recollect that three

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Pharmacology does not submit itself either easily or profit

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phthisis a very reasonable one. He considered the physical

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the almost invariable inefficiency of the plug by which the

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calmly by the philosophic mind. Few persons have better

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blood with the urine. Since the first these attacks were in

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swollen IVyer s patches and solitarj glands fr u a patient

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even in their work leaving out of question any skill. To arrange this

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causes loss of taste and hearing. This is so well established

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that we may however more clearly realise the melliods on

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mortality last quarter in any of the sanitary areas. The Metropolitan

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chronic endarteritis not of a syphilitic type the lumen of

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previous occasions has been preceded by a marked increase

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Dr. Bcllen and himself on Intercurrent Diseases and In

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a good index he would have further entitled us to his grati

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The commencement of a new method of treatment of diph

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tion on the hospital system and on the finances of the

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entangled in it and the abdominal wound was closed by

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