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The reader. Dr. Blaki states in the first words of his preface

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The Gentleman s Annual Christmas 1894 containing a complete novel

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against the direct passage of disease germs which ought to

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be obtained on application to Mr. F. Addiscott Secretary

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I think the whole disease can be explained on physical

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Edited for the Association under the direction of the Board of Trustees

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historical and medico literary subjects. The editor is

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The Home Secretary has given notice of his intention to

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diphtheria 4 of these were intubated and 1 tracheotomised.

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The following results were obtained In the majority ol

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of the muscles of the limbs and trank with lordosis

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other practitioners and go to Mr. Theobald for advice No

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ways the theory and practice of medicine in tl e tropics will

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