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at Dundee on November 29th. it was unanimously resolved
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absence of shrinking and gieater cleanliness in consequence
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itowus and to the want of flushing water in the drains of
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prevent a qualified and educated man the privilege of earning a liveli
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showed transparent granules under the microscope highly refracting
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with this there were solid cylinders of epithelium in which a
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interfere with the vascular supply of the organ. The results con
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as shown by comparative measurements of the girth of the
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overaction irritation of lower cerebral centres will produce
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instance the repetition of the high dive had literally turned
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The method of treatuig pmtt pirtum h.e.norrhage due to
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titles attaching to diplomas of which they have been d.
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corded at the Society by Mr. Treves and Mr. Silcock and
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could also be lethal and ought to be used with due regard to
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The feeble minded are perhaps more to be pitied and
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scribed as dying from asthma bronchitis etc. and in many
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as it can be made considering the difficulties in tlie way.
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