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of infants we cm in no way sanction the reckless exposure

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kettles for rendering dressings etc. aseptic as well as a

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principal value of this knowledge is as a means of scientific

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ROYAL BERKS HOSPITAL Reading. House Physician House Surgeon

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care reduce the number of the weak and ailing who leave

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part perhaps not the largest part of the duty of the medical

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Some of the 24 patients in this group suffered from more

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these cases nothing couid be detached with the finger or

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but the child was doing well. On July 30th there was no

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any approval of or sympathy with the opinions and senti

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child except that the temperature had fallen to 100.4 F. The

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continued. School reopened in the end of January. The

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an incision about S inches in length was made over the swell

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their essential identity. The proof of the protection afibrded

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proceeding should be resorted to is ever recumng. This con

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lectures are paid out of the rates and are technical there

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Dr. Glover said he was perfectly satisfied with the discus

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subject had now attained mit lit he hoped be held to have

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three original testimonials to the Secretary by November 26th.

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Glasgow Institution where no other cause of deafness was

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always settled by the public health body doing all that is necessary for

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three of the largest English towns. Among these Scotch towns the

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Medical Jo UBNAL are requested to communicate beforehand with the

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was improved. The child remains in the hospital on account

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patient would be treated and nursed in these quarters. There

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