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was extremely rare in calves and examin gt tion of the vac
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the Branch will act as Treasurer of the Annual Meeting.
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are swifter simpler and letter adapted to the purpose.
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deep seated carious areas existed either in tlie tympanum
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Maclehose and Sons of Glasgow the full text of the in
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four days. He returned as directed on October 28 when
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seldom lived and if they did were not valuable contributions
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a proposal which will prevent them from earning a living ex
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and milk should be boiled they have adopted voluntary
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regarding all observations in this connection of a positive
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weeks time. At the present writing he is perfectly well
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ofl ered in succession to Professor Gussenbauer. who was called
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the rebuilding of a provincial hospital of about 100 beds also informa
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the motor area of the cortex and from the frontal and parietal
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the Eoyal College of Physicians published by Dr. Munk in
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the service. Dr. Raymond has with the co operation of the
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nouncing that a meeting will be held in the Board Room of
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methods of treating relapsing appendicitis by excision of the
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may be required and a tube without the india rubber worn
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are only blots on an administration which as a rule has
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had lost much blood. He was not paralysed. A flap of
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corresponding to the holidays and this in spite of the fact
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And then the whole quire hold their iupps and lofF
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Dorset and West Hants and the Bath and Bristol Branches. The Hono
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a note of surprise on learning from the reports published
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in the British Medicai Jocbnal of November 17th. Mr.
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had been at Scarborough into tlie body of the school imme
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expected at that period namely a difl use infiltration of the
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shafts. The preparations from this well known case are in
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of injection and later by swelling of the lymphatic glands
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laceration of its substance nor was there any staining of the
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allied to the one discussed above contain some inter
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no swelling or oedema of the parts. The tonsils were ex
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He had never attended any lectures or received any in
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into their patients the importance of care in the matter.
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is.the considsrabls quantity of free nitrogen g s with which
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General Medical Council of covering this assistant he might find it
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experiments for the benefit of the rich Y Surely you don t
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man aged.. from whose sclerotica melanotic tumour about
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fact that liver abscess was in some way invariably preceded
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opinions of different individuals throughout the length and
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the base of the iris being the first change noticed. Other
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attraction. The lioUow portion of this cylinder appears then
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with a conjugate of. 5 inchc and at the thirtysvcond week
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exudation owing to the early effects of the alcohol or other
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anatomical lines and consider some forms of ataxia which
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ment or prohibition of intermarriage between the congenitally
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vaci instion is shown at the Hardnicke Hospital. When
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Dr. Henry Waite Armlev Leeds writes For the removal of sm.all
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the rise and the few calorimetrical observations which liave
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ism insanities of physiological crises and of various
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might arise. Tables dealing with a larger number of cas s
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ment whereas very marked impairment of hearing may dis
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catarrhal states of the nasal and naso pharyngeal mucous

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