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pensing bottles inaccurate in size and graduation and the
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the portion of artery from which the aneurysm had arisen
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It may be supposed that the subject of the boys themselves
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month showed a distinct diminution the third a sudden
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Temples of Stowe and there was scarcely a county family
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originally to embody the real idea of a cottage hospital and
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W. G. aged 5 was admitted to the Bristol Children s
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by the profession. Most physicians in active practice have
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obtained commissions 14 failed to obtain a place though
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been pauper help in the nursing aud that when the assistant nurse
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removal the pue still flowed from the middle meatus. The
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the great increase in infant deaths during the third quarter
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aflTord numerous possibilities of error. A more serious
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Mr. Hunter Baillie was the owner of Long Calderwood the
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several members of a family sometimes in several genera
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This is the ninth edition of this well known work which has
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that this circular was printed and distributed by the secre
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branes was now partially stitched up with eight catgut
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appreciation of the work lie has done for a number of years
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might conceivably be evidenced by ataxia as well as by
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four or five years. Our contention is and the matter has been proved
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its decomposilion act prejudicially upon the life or health of
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The subject of the lecture was Nerves and Modern Life. The
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scarlet fever or when diptitheria complicates scarlet fever.
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beneficial ett ects that followed connter irritatinn of the peri
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fore whose name has been erased from the B yhter remains
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preparations is issued in various siaes for varying numbers
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her with pilocarpin in suitable doses forty times but do not
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tion and I have no doubt if I had seen the second case
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Dr. Bennett Among the metliods adopted in the training
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pole of the circuit. With the large surface thus brought
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precautions taken at the other hospital were in operation.
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PADDINGIDN INFIRMARY. Resident Clinical Assistant. Appoint
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