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thropist and by Professor Paul F. Munde who dealt with
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na gt o antral opening made in inferior meatus no drainage ap
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Appendicitis that he had operated on with recovery. In the
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grand jury at L.pwes leaving liome at 9 in the morning and
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often fain to invoke its assistance. A curious manifestation
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cases phthisis being cured or obsolete was never suspected.
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fever of that city for 1893 and 1894. The average number of
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liuardians will probably b known to many of our readers.
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tongue much furred breath very foul submaxillary glands
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one point which proves the extreme care required in
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in each case the larger or smaller amount of the substance
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A SCHEME of reform affecting the position emoluments and
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consequence of one of the boys being brought to me that the
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the next best time is about an hour before the midday meal.
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had been only by iodide of potassium and observed that
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cases of acquired deafness have never had an aural speculum
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called and in examination said that Dr Hall s Hygienic Company
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a boy aged 13. Surgeon Major Maitland showed specimens
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Stnff of the Sheffield General Infirmary to the care of the Secretary
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upper sinuses that exploration of the antrum becomes a
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would antitoxin control that To these three points he
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new boys or those who had been at home went back to the
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ture fell to 101.4 on May 31st and to normal on the next
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creased when the tricuspids give way. Ve have now hvper
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any atrophy at all events of that or in truth of any other
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those hospitals which make application will at the same time
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of age a native of Kentucky the mother of two children
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important medical cases. I understand that eveiy insignifi
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Men issued last summer merits attention. It treats of
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a little digitalis might be added. He would call attention to
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It is reported that the guardians of the poor of Mile
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has been so much spoken of in America. Some aurists re
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politan Asylums Board was then described and it was
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acquiesce in the statement made by coun sel that the ProPer. leflnition ot
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That the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of England urge Her
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It may be truly alhrmed that in these exudative forms of
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rendered immune that when patients die from diphtheria it
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larial fever and if he has not been taking quinine recently
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ment witli Dr. Hall and some Americans and they sold pamphlets
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amiable and praiseworthy in the discharge of his duties as a
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chances of success but considering the enormous mass of a
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makes one feel fairly confident that the products of the complete com
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the recognised law of Colles that a mother cannot be infected
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advertently I am sure Into a very lucid and otherwise graphic descrip

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