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ology of Idiocy by Hermann Piper School Inspector of the
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there was no reticular stroma in the other tumour however
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filtering medium must receive a succession of charges in
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but I for one must state that the evidence he has brought
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saved from the humiliation of partial publication and ulti
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M. Kicour has fitted his apparatus on forty engines belonging to the
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needed to learn phonography ar.d its advantages to students
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consume an article which was not what it was represented
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session seven ordinary meetings were held. At all of these
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room Is a three months sic training in hospital a due amount oi
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much and widely made him one of the most delightful of
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but absolute relief to the woman with cancer of the
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were entered into wifh the County Infirmary which is within
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an illness of some duration due to bronchitis. He was born
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recurred and in the second place because it commenced
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Woods that he Dr. Brecknell had authorised him to sign
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separating tlie sheep from the wolves the largest vote on
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that disease were present. Amputation was then performed
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gery of the future. The two great sources of danger
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lute denial to the scandalous statement that it has been dis
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Royalist and a strong Protestant. He was educated at Mag
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marble was then reintroduc ed and the dressing continued on
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Department headquarters. Once for all we think it a duty to state that
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If the various colleges belonging to the Association agree
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people of late I would like to say a word about the alleged
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ing to the new model. Dr. Terrier asks what the old
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made it infamous for a man to put it forward He respect
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ber ICtli all the membrane had disappeared and the patient
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have not yet occurred to impede the functions of the mem
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Abundantly evident that the gas has not been used for cooking pur
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Journal of December 1st contained among its Memoranda a sug
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the condition of lamellar cataract was brouglit about by
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scopical examination revealed an advanced condition of
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The Silicated Carbon I ilteb Co. Battersea Lrnidmi.
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McDougall writing in Febrinry 180S. says The deformity
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responsible for its contents the work belongs to the latter
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part of the aicli under which ciretimbtanees if there be

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