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Section.50. Vaccination is shown by experience to be the
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foration occupies the posterior part of Shrapnell s membr.ine
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effects of antipyretic drugs it Is I think to be regretted that
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Hammersmitli to Laura only child of the late George Haines Esq.
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rently from the right ventricle. The patient lived and
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general hospitals are peculiarly liable to delirium under
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M.B. Isolating Wards and Hospitals for Infectious Diseases
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Parliamentary Secretary to the Board will be used to ensure
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especial stress upon the necessity of excising a piece of the
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in quantity develop symptoms closely resembling those of
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exposed on going up and coming down the Nile the days
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command of black and white methods. In O n the Hor ous
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tion did increase the excretion of uric acid in the urine and
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cent. and these laryngeal cases were followed by paralysis in
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they have a trained nurse who should be also a midwife. In
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upon to diagnose and to treat and to investigate these com
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that the oil of eucalyptus has the rather unusual property of spreading
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At Rouen from November 1st to the 4th there were 24
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lege of Surgeons on Wednesday December 12th by Professor
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any way abnormally located. On the contrary it iB reason
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or were brought against its members. A vote of thanks to the
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magistrate the Coroner said that though he had grave sus
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Since there are many points that need elucidation in connec
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I assure you. Sir the lay members of the managing com
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den that would lead to a great abstraction of the time that
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tive and putrefactive conditions. The stimulating effect of
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The Newcastle Royal Infihmaby. The governors of the
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of the success of rhino logy ought to be included. He
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Pasteur filter and the Berkefeld under identical conditions.
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was strong and well and was discharged. The temperature
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tion which was performed with the nse of vei y little chloro
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man 21 years of age whose left ear had discharged for eight
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isolated case he may answer in one sense it most certainly
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The Pbbsident expressed his strong belief in the relation
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accounts which survive to us from the days before the dis
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quently the name acute ataxia does not appear a very
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largely into the public life of the town which was now
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persisting for eighteen or twenty four hours. In typhoid
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pressed by the action of the police authorities of the metro
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labour but represent that their time is engrossed with too
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energetic use of the cold bath aided ijy the subcutaneous in
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from the use of the cautery knife. He did not hesitate to
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a dying patient and answer the purpose satisfactorily. There
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It was at this period believed that one or two of the boys
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any complaint which requires it. They walk in and order
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I assure you. Sir the lay members of the managing com
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hospitals are very costly advantages and any charge which would really
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Irish Poor Laws generally and of those relating to work
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man who utterly failed in clinical medicine and surgery
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right to add that one of the advantages claimed for thfr
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recently died are Dr. T. Grey Jewell Ex President of the
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the young lady appeared charmingly attired as before and
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character the latter neutralising or more than neutralising
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The time at my dispoisal will not permitof my dealing with the
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in which the disch.irge was due to eczema to injury to the
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That this Council will view with great displeasure the publication in
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sclerosis in the non nervous tissues of Goll s column afTcci
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Plasmodium would never have been discovered. I would
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until the pharmacy law be in force the antidiphtheric serum
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abdomen was occupied by the spleen which proj gt cted2i inches
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tion and we may take this opportunity of giving the most abso
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Sense of position of feet and legs present. No girdle pain.
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ment which did not persist. 1 have however just heard
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lobe was made out and removal decided upon. There were
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as to death. That is an opinion which the medical profes
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diately after division the frenum must be grasped and a ligature ap
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Senate were ratified by Boniface in 1309 these privileges were
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Court was so discreditable as to amount to infamous conduct
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seemed healthy. For a fortnight there had been constant
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i purpose is supplied through the cannula. The vocal function
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building and an artesian well has been sunk which yields a
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case of necessity. He accordingly placed there Mr. Hugh
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in the case reported by him the distension was due to kink
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against the induction of labour. He says it will almost cer

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