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man of twelve stone weight a considerable time to mount to
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bably for all the uric acid tliat has ever been found in a
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be jturgamentum cerebri nothing was known or conjectured
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In the first place we note that skilled nursing of the sick
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paying patients should in every instance when they desired
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able. The skin and the whole of the soft tissues were con
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notify tlie same to the licensing bodies whose qualiflcations were held by
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more muscles could bring about the remarkable alterations
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appeared she looked brighter appetite was fair there was no
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the vocal fremitus was diminished at the extreme left base. The right
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Encharius ROsslin or Rhodion a doctor who died at Frank
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Ix a workhouse licensed for KHI inmates in which the actual
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of treatment. Two drachms of the antiseptic fluid could be
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pancreatic diabetes inasmuch as the amount of urine was
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for the men being male nurses The women are employed as
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in size of the corpuscles and many nucleated corpuscles. In
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ness of his life he was induced to join his uncle Mr. Edward
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recently taken by the South of Ireland Branch of the British
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are only blots on an administration which as a rule has
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cal applications attention was first drawn to the advantages
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Surgery and Therapeutics. The examples of Oxford Dublin Man
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pomtment. The manufacturers of this filter state that their
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was the life blood which was carried by the arteries. From
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the refusal of the governors of the hospital to discuss the
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legs and progressing slowly upwards. In ts o other respects
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services they have cither to send home for them or they
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rilready undermanned regular Medical Service. The duty was not
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pointment on the Noitbern Counties Brigade December 12th.
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s izes whereas the former are all of one pattern. The filter
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more favoured colleagues and to the public it implies that a
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definite fall of temperature. The pneumonia began at the left posterior
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until the value of the remedy had been verified by adequate
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this period and lind no discomfort or terror when proper
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These and many other diseases which the above enumera
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Lecture 33. Bnths and bathing. The necessity of frequent
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by William Hunter and by John Hunter. I or some years
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Speaking of his fourth degree of narcotism ip. 4 2 in which
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ingenious character and invented by one of the defendants
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remedy for the state of things of which he complains.
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holder was coughed up. The boy ultimately made a good re
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will be found to have been altered from the last edition are
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neuro muscnlarthermogeneticappai atus must depend tosonif
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J ssistant Physician to St. Bartholoiaew s Hospital and Physician to the
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to our knowledge seem at first siglit to justify very im
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after day may not only remain and accumulate in the body
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ment or prohibition of intermarriage between the congenitally
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called attention to the affection and he has since elaborated
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uncertain manner to the question by telling the Chairman
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Eastern Hospital showing tbat there is little fear of the
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neuritis no headache vomiting or other symptom of intra
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vessels was not greater than in the Hunterian operation. The
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house children we would draw attention to a letter on Workhouse
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possible the supply of serum for use amongst the poorer
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guished predecessor and the development of his service at
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in a patient already suffering from diphtheria n November 4th
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not the least intention to make any remark to the prejudice
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the following grounds 1 the onset of the illness about
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where the method of Brand had been chiefly followed in
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Medical Journal are requested to communicate beforehand with the
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patient upon the climate they leave behind in Great Britain.

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