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we have received from the accused practitioner the above letter
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to be applied to schools of all kinds throughout the land.
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Medical Officer Niger Coast Protectorate. West Airiea having passed
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on the subject at the rooms of the Medical Society C mios
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Hounsditch London E.C. The filtering medium employed
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spect of services of the character referred to but they deem it desirable
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solute and permanent cure of a hydrocele is to bring
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only applied to amputations for disease. In injury the
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posal to make the granting of superannuation allowance compulsory
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Germany are far more likely to err in want of uniformity of
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accurate and well arranged account of the subject by one
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The meeting was called to order by the President Dr.
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In order to fulfil what deemed were the required con
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sums we presume go to the funds of the hospital exclusively
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An Address in Medicine will be delivered by Sir Willlaje
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creased the patient always being carefully supervised.

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