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more than we get in immunity produced in the natural course
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nothing but the atmosphere should intervene between the
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in proportion to the importance to the community of the
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legislation had been satisfactorily settled so far and there
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HANDLUNG. Thrombosis of the Lateral Sinus due to Sup
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diffuse degeneration in the crossed pyramidal tracts and in
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the changes in disease and the efl ects that time permits.
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treatment the fietor disappeared the amount of sputum was
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pyrexia in nervous diseases especially in chorea and para
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disabilities. The difficulties in obtaining suitable sites for
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and the sooner this power is conferred upon that anomalous
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Lecture 11. Meats infected with non specific toxicogenic
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the recent letter. It still rests with the medical officer to
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that the workhouse infirmary is a modern and couveiucut building well
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a dye the latter being added so that the consumer can re
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cautions had been taken and mountaineers may point to
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that hammerman s palsy or writer s cramp or telegraphist s
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inarljed Medical Ofticer to be addressed to tlie Chairman of House
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ended engine. From an account given in yature it would appear that
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He still shows the very unusual feature in Friedreich s dis
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winter months the temperature is maintained at.58 F. while the
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towns. There were.M cases of sm l pox under treatment in
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in my consulting room into a Welsbach patent and have been so
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stance its cause. When the next textbook on tropical

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