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of October 27th relaticg to an epidemic of scarlatina having been
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Dr. Caton showed a boy aged 11 who had sufl ered from
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Atlas und Grundriss der Ophthalmoskopie und oplithalmoskopischen
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mitigation of punishment he left it to the prison authori
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between an enlarged deltoid tubercle some congenital mal
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and were calculated to deceive the public. In consequence
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seems to me the chief difficulty of his method is that horses
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the following grounds 1 the onset of the illness about
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ditions of Deptfonl Whitechapel and Mile End Old Town
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healed in ten days. Microscopical examination showed the
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Together with a statement tliat after due inspection it is satisfied that
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deep seated carious areas existed either in tlie tympanum
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larger proportions which have been.attained by the trade ci wa.hing
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in New York namely calomel fumigation and intubation.
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A Case of Actinomycosis involving the Skin extensively

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