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The Pathology of the Ascites in Some Casks of Heart
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those who are unable to make them any return but I grieve
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do not suggest. We do say however that the necessity of so disturbing
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At the outset of the discussion we must recognise the tact
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The optic tract conveys impressions to that region the fibres
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is in the main building in it wt re five infants under the
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may suddenly arise in our midst from unknown causes.
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of repentance for having allowed it to come about. The fact
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sanitary laws and the physical needs of childhood remain
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the cieca or appendices of almost all the vertebrate types and I find
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made into it. This bore out the view that the pressure was
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he has been elt ectively vaccinated or revaccinated within two
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there appeared to be a lack of consideration on the part of
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regard to the Leytonstone School is strongly suggestive of
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stimulate the most sleepy of British sanitary authorities
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the middle turbinated bone and on removing the secretion
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The Clinical Museum in Great Portland Street. Open at a Lecturt
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be required to study in review at least the following list of
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the metropolis was thrown open to those of the provinces
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destructive disease of the hip joint when he found that it

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