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water according to the patient s toleration. I do not always

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obvious want in our Poor law arrangements is to provide

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method. Discrimination is however exercised in the ad

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smallest 1 lb. the operation in the latter case was necessi

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both testicles. He commenced the injection of glycerineand

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This rarely happens and I speak only after considerable ex

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found the same incapacity to arrest micro organisms as have

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the time would eome whfn evt ry district would have its

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in relatively similar proportions. 4. In the case of intermit

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next day antitoxin was given subeutaneously 2i grammes

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which occasionally swept the island. A terrible epidem c

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norted his arsumentsJ Considering the fact that both JJr.

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Crichton Browne and that of The Visitors was acknow

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better. A boracic gargle was ordered. On September Mlh

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DimiNG the past two months through the intervention of Dr.

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I WISH in my remarks to touch mainly on the types of ataxia

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apparatus is in appearance somewhat like an iron boiler

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mouth. The knee jerks were normal there was no muscular

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elbow joint and to him and to him alone belongs the estab

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was doing well it was kept in hospital because of an offensive

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the Local iovernment Board which is to be read in a very

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cination of all infants but also the revaccination of all school

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fasciculus on May 1st and the papers read in April May

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thropy held at Chicago in June 1893. It contains about

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mother the embryo or both. In accordance with the law

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Inquiry failed to elicit any history of syphilis or malaria.

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The General Council of the Seine has organised a competi

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fessional men were cultured and did not work for mere pelf

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a difficult class of case and as relating my personal experi

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which examinational requirements are enforced may have

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The members of the Oldham Medical Society recently pre

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aseptic division of a tendon the retracted ends were joined

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found to be soft pulpy and composed largely of polypoid

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Non Advertiser. ASTi Pi FF. Though it would in our opinion have

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lain. The makers state that the three essentials of a filter

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The cerebellum greater part of the cerebrum pons me

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mopped away by means of a cotton armed probe or should

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must be taught to breatlie both by the diaphragm and by the

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rior portion of the arch. Then again as in Gleich s operation

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work to place them in fit condition for the nursing

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of four cold packings the gradually cooled bath and the

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ties. By placing the injured limb in a vertical posi

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quently treatment more successful and in a 1 unlred other

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hospital is situate on the boundary of the borough which has

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that all syphilitic disease will yield to treatment and that if

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the obstructive clots having been conveyed into the lung

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action of the Vestry is not only a matter of personal con

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present time a movement on foot among other officers of the

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matriculation to enter on medical studies are to be lamented.

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of the Scottish Universities Commission and the Registrar of

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the action of every motor centre from those of a low grade

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