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appear and with it the five medical men who were on it.

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decided by the faculty to which the professors belong.

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And lastly no mention is made of paralytic sequelce the

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Phillips exhibited a ermilorin Appendix removed by opera

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acute pain in the abdomen accompanied by vomiting which

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the master with evident anticipation of the benefit to be

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Browne proposed The Lord Lieutenant and Prosperity to

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late Dr. Octavius Starges. A circular has been issued

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ball but as brain matter escaped this was desisted from.

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ministration from that of the workhouse putting the sick

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period he was consulted by the Government relative to the

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ment rapidly followed appetite soon returned sickness and

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legislation. As for underground bakehouses the report

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hill Stoke upon Trent. House Surgeon. Salary 130 per annum

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slight atheroma of the aorta and the heart muscle was a little

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like that of a boar was the result whilst in others so much

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ago the antrum was explored with a negative result.

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Assistant Physician to the out door department of tlie hos

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ment of its results. The condition in the throat and nose of

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much operative interference and experimental research.

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opened and found lined with pus. On removing it and

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ally controlling the processes proposed for the purifica

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Mr. Congreve and assisted in carrying on the establishment.

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blood. I would remind you also in this connection that uric

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