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and loot of four months duration. The family history ha.s no special
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from a distance to take the place of the local practitioners.
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liublic in his methods of demonstration his followers in
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disease discoverable during life. A cannula withdrew clear
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the various asylums as educational centres and to the im
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the treatment of poor children at their own homes the Con
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At the last election which took place on September Ist only
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about by the action of the serum leads often to an extensive
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picions at the time as to whether the midwife had not con
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eral scientific opinion. In searching for the cause
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question is within his rights in distributing those advertisement cards
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tendance in consultation be desired wlicn the emergency is provided
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mittee and this Committee will report to the Council
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England with her huge tropical empire and the uuhoanded
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many cervical sections there is a little degeneration running
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spending the sum of 41.000 on new sewerage works and a
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the eminent consultant whose counsel he sought to courteously but
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Medical Register submitted by the Executive Committee to
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of his intluenee and authority on the art and science of
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all the deal lis occurred amongst the uuvaccinated and in the solitary
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the day is at hand when Ciesarean section will greatly if
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ferring to the rule in force in many English hospitals by
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urged that the crowding of such cases in schools was a fertile
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perception of sound was diminished where t ie general
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inoculateci which were published in the autumn of this a
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impostors and charlatans not with healing results but to
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ing pathological and living specimens were exhibited. A
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vei y much increased and indeed in some cases appears to be

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