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ing their workhouse to be inspected by anyone who desired
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hospital statistics were better than his private case statistics
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filtering medium being easily and efieetually cleansed in
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of the left patellar tendon reflex and an approach to ankle clonus on
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duties which they are called upon to discharge or to put
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interpret correctly when put in front of new patients.
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in despatches from his Commander in Chief and special thanks
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middle ear sclerosis but to superficial catarrhal inflammation
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Fellows. The payments are Entrance fee j 5s. annual
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has a right to know the truth. We understand that one
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for a time exceedingly comfortable while the eye looked
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institutions are not lookoi upon as splendid fields for the
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attempts at phonation which teaches an important lesson
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CLOGHER UNION Ballygawley Dispensary. Medical Officer. Salai y
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Operators come upon cases where the properly selected tube
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lenses only when the sight had become markedly defective.
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lery. After some five years of this life he found it un
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Volunteer Battalion the Royal Highlanders. The last named officer
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question of preventing biscuits from attack by insects and
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by Her Majesty s Army and Navy and their analyst says
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controlled by nerves. The quaUty and quantity of the blood
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chair. Dr. Wilkinson showed a child with Spina Bifida cured
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few capable Avomen on the board would promote the interests
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papular and vesicular eruptions the latter sometimes mis
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acting to light. Under iodide of potassium pushed freely
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cost for an adequate course is about 100. The isolated maintenance
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the former being more marked in the morning. On exami
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The Ti7nes correspondent telegraphing from Calcutta states
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proper and elhcient nursing a movement has arisen under
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demic maladies such as cholera typhoid diphtheria etc.
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of guardians. The male and female infirmaries are nomin
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If Kinne is negative. there may or may not be a disease
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few left to deny whatever their views on the physiological
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is an exceedingly moderate one and in no way threatens as
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In England we are apt to take the necessity for sports in
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men and that in turn they acquired much of what was
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continued. She was seen again at 12 p m. The temperature
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enables the authority to refuse or cancel the registration of any person

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