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diphtheria. The Public Health Othce telegraphed to Pro

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virus. A sad instance occurring in the person of a medical

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CHARING CROSS HOSPITAL. Physician or Surgeon for Diseases of

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M. Burgault of the French National.Vgricultural Society

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The difficulties and risks attending the removal of the

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case of Friedreich s disease and a case of tabes dorsalis of

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ceeded he became cautious and spoke of the supposed new

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ture often closed unless a portion of the stomach was removed.

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thods the natural relationship of hydrotherapy is sufficientjy

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years after he came for treatment and the others present the

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two thirds of that in the tunnel which he had just left

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tinued that all the new antipyretic drugs stand condemned in

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combination of the Loeffler bacillus with streptococcus pyo

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chargings could not however frequently be carried out in

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naso pharyngeal vault or in one of the sinuses. Considera

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body and there is au endemic habit of drinking it freely

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sirable that the medical officer should make a personal diagnosis but

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resume their old functions. If an amendment to that efl ect

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proposal was generally thought to be somewhat premature

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plan is a combination of the boarding out and the village

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The I besident Are you a medical man r I am a medical

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diagnosis. Tliat he thought i ould be very well ascertained

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other cases. It will also be noted that the results obtained

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to be either an unreasona le or an unworkable proposal. If

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peared from the throat and there remained only thin whitish

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scarcely assembled for the purpose of entering into a discus

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of the controversy arising out of the appointment and long

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DUHING the week ending Saturday last December 1st 915 births and 611

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year Ij jmio were elected. The report of the Society showed

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for the purpose of considering what alterations should be made in the

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