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probe ora cannula into thesphenoidal sinus with the greatest
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selves while the antesthetist when such can be got receives
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of the mastoid antrum would not in any way bo complicated
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forearm including 11 shoulder joints the 2 remaining were
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nurse. The point we urged was tluit for the sake of avoiding the
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WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL. Fourth Assistant Surgeon. Must be
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present in the water and ucordingly cannot possibly render
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served in eyes regarded as healthy. In all the boys seen by
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be used in the Morris filter such as spongy iron well
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simultaneous contraction of the extensors of the wrist.
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from the Pharmaceutical Society statistics with regard to
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Post Ghaduate Course West London Hospital Uammorsmith W.
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bacillus diphtheria was subn gt vmal. in cases of disease due to
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cases microscopically which he would shortly publish.
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habit of body that he had a large practice among precise
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concerning the protection of infants which requires a noti
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but absolute relief to the woman with cancer of the
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College of Physic ius would be a great prestige for the rest of
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its Chairman must have in his hands a considerable mass of
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candidates for Chelt ea have very properly refused to join in
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close to Calcutta.. n outbreak of cholera commenced in
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cases the police authorities paying the doctor s fees and
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November 12. Patient passed a restless night. Severe
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rigor followed by febrile elevations of temperature of from
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tilled with ice and then stoppered. The patient was then

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