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She was still habitually constipated highly nervous and the
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rate cure of the symptoms of Graves s disease had followed
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The efforts which are being made in this distant and
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submitted by the treasurer showing a favourable balance of
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against a deadly attack of African remittent during my
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filters which speaks more emphatically for their value than
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cases needed reintubation twelve and twenty four hours
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we think provision for two urgent cast should be made.
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late principal without the latter s consenr. where his doing so mi ht
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are ever brought into operation and whether such growths
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sideration proves the wisdom of those who have selected this
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acknowledged. Before allowing the fact of parents or other
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in thirty five and fifty four hours respectively. In each of
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such a position when the theory is pushed to practice especially when
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is a medical man of position and this year fills the office
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pointed out that the Pasteur Chamberland has now for a
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are not killed but may under certain conditions. i row througli
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After some discussion it was resclved at the request of
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latent or could only be suspected by indistinctness and
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hand wavers uncertainly goes wide of the object and the
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been got inside the cancer. Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Robinson re
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one and the same place for consultation and operation of
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gently attended the meetings of the East Sussex District
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chief cause of the enormous increase in the number of medical
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pi ocedures 1 have alluded to. In O ston s operation one
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committee on the revision of the Pharmacopwia our re
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Candidates seeking election by a Branch Council should
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expression they were exactly those of the Emperor during
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discliarge descending and returning several times. 1 saw
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ease germs. We are accordingly of opinion that this filler
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an aural speculum or are careless about the diseases which
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to take a particular lymph. The vaccination failed entirely
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mortem examination. Anyone may prove the truth of this
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most powerful predisposing cause alcohol he says is a
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be influenced by luminiferous waves in the same way as the
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The theme so stated leads us to follow up the survey of
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tributes largely the successful results obtained. Extra
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VIA Case m. My third c.ise which I only mention becaustj it
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and nose and had suffered from nasal polypi mnny years
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Case n. A lady about.SO years of age an nemie and badly
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A careful examination of the pelvis was made. External

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